Wednesday, March 02, 2005

the week so far

I shifted back to my poh poh's place on Monday. And I really felt like a nomad this time. Leaving Kota Kemuning, the car was almost packed to the brim with my stuff...clothes, books, shoes and all. Even as I write, everything's still strewn all over my room right now. Didn't have the time to unpack and sort them out properly. I probably will have to get down to it soon. Hmmm...this weekend? Or maybe the next? =p

On another note, my work load has spiked this week as time draws closer to the targeted submission date for one of my IPO clients. So many documents to review, so many numbers to crunch, so little time.

The late nights are back.


marie said...

helloo nomad :P

so kesian..must pack. I know it must be really "mah fan". I never liked shifting and packing :( I had my share of shifting too many times before :(

anyways, how come you are back at your poh poh's place?

jv. said...

Yeahh...the shifting really sucked. Packing was crazy.

Well, my uncles and aunts have since returned back to China after the CNY break. So there really isn't anyone else in the house besides my poh poh. My grandfather is now living in a nursing home while he recovers from a stroke.

I guess she wanted some company, which makes perfect sense. But then again, considering how little time I spend at home, my presence (or rather the lack of it) would prob be pretty immaterial anyway =)