Tuesday, December 20, 2005

from Sydney with lurve

I type in this blog post from Sydney, this being my last day here, and also *sob* the last day of our holidays! Boo hoo... =(

I've only got a few hours left here before we take off to the airport and I'll probably be spending that time...
(1) playing our table tennis grand final with my cousins
(2) taking a swim at the pool
(3) pack my bags
(4) take a shower
(5) have our final dinner here
(6) watching Star Wars: Villains (it's a freebie that came with the Saturday Daily Telegraph!)

Well, it sure has been a great break and I'm not sure I'm ready to get back to work. I might call in late or something...heheh

Lala: Unfortunately, I didn't get to do yum cha at Market City, but I had loads of good food here...had escargot last night too! =)

Fie: Unfortunately, I didn't get to try the black sesame gelati either...really disappointed about that actually. As a consolation, I did drop by Dolce Freddo when I was at Lygon St a couple of days back. Had strawberry, mango, green tea, roche, and DURIAN! YUMMM!! =)

Okay, my little cousins are beckoning me over for a swim (did I forget to mention there are EIGHT siblings altogether?!) Well, gotta go now. Next post will be from back in Kay-el.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

my long break

I have been surrounded by a whirlwind of activities for the past few days, as I draw closer to my 2 week break! =) There's just been so much to do...flight bookings, car rentals, arranging accommodation, wrapping up work in the office, delegating tasks accordingly...I'm swamped!

Yes, I will be officially on leave tomorrow, all the way to the 21st of this month. I'll be joining the YF kids at their Bukit Tinggi camp from the 7th to the 11th, following which I will be flying off to Australia, where I will be travelling (frantically!) with family from Sydney, to Adelaide, to Melbourne and back to Sydney again.

I'm sooo really looking forward to the break, which I am hoping it will turn out to be. Would appreciate your prayers as I travel with friends and family over the next 2 weeks.

I'll be back! =)