Tuesday, December 20, 2005

from Sydney with lurve

I type in this blog post from Sydney, this being my last day here, and also *sob* the last day of our holidays! Boo hoo... =(

I've only got a few hours left here before we take off to the airport and I'll probably be spending that time...
(1) playing our table tennis grand final with my cousins
(2) taking a swim at the pool
(3) pack my bags
(4) take a shower
(5) have our final dinner here
(6) watching Star Wars: Villains (it's a freebie that came with the Saturday Daily Telegraph!)

Well, it sure has been a great break and I'm not sure I'm ready to get back to work. I might call in late or something...heheh

Lala: Unfortunately, I didn't get to do yum cha at Market City, but I had loads of good food here...had escargot last night too! =)

Fie: Unfortunately, I didn't get to try the black sesame gelati either...really disappointed about that actually. As a consolation, I did drop by Dolce Freddo when I was at Lygon St a couple of days back. Had strawberry, mango, green tea, roche, and DURIAN! YUMMM!! =)

Okay, my little cousins are beckoning me over for a swim (did I forget to mention there are EIGHT siblings altogether?!) Well, gotta go now. Next post will be from back in Kay-el.

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