Wednesday, December 17, 2008

welcome back

Ok, so I'm back in Malaysia. After having a roaring good time in the Lion City, I have to admit that it's a more bitter than sweet feeling to be back because honestly, I didn't really feel like coming back. But I'm sure that's just post-holiday blues rhetoric.

My first journey on the LRT this morning after coming back wasn't so great though. I was early and I managed to get a seat. Seated on my right was an elderly-looking man who was reading a book. Nothing eventful, nothing significant, and so I flipped out my BlackBerry and pretty much kept to myself as the train went on its towards KL.

It was early in the morning and feeling a little chilly on the train, I felt some moisture building up in my nostrils. So I let out a small "sniff" to ease myself of any potential embarassing "leakage". It was then that I thought I saw Mr Book look to the left.

I didn't get to really clear my nose properly and so about a minute later, I let out another small "sniff", thinking nothing much of it. Mr Book looked to the left again and suddenly I heard the words, "Can you stop it?" W-WHAAT? "I'm sorry?", I asked, feeling puzzled and half-wondering if he was talking to himself (after faithfully taking the train for over 6 years, you see all kinds of people).

"Can you stop it?", he snapped again. Quickly analysing the awkwardness of the situation, I soon surmised that my little sniffles must have irritated cranky Mr Book somewhat. I had half a mind to give him a piece of my mind, but decided against making a scene on the train. And so I just gave him a weird look and said, "Okayyyy..."

But as I thought about it, what are two tiny sniffles amid dozens of other more audible sounds on the train?

Friday, December 12, 2008

i'm heading down South

Traffic is crawling all around Jalan Sungai Besi as I type this. It's the typical Friday evening jam in KL and I'm seated by the window in a Plusliner bus next to Richard. We notice that the bus is new and clean, has that 'new' smell even, and that's something to be really thankful for after some of the unpleasant experiences that I've had with long-haul buses.

I just tried my hand at Sudoku (difficult level) for the first time but stopped because my head was starting to spin. After a full day at work, I think my brain very well deserves a break; a break that I'm looking forward to over the next couple of days.

I'm heading down South. Hello Singapore!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

a splash of happy

A lotus in Bali

They're rare, and they even more rarely get THIS good. I'm not even going to start assuming I deserve this.

By Your grace, HAPPY times! =)