Tuesday, November 25, 2008

i bite

In case you haven't realised this, I have seen through you. And please don't think this is some revelation that only came to me recently. While I have come to realise of your scheming ways some time back, there's also this thing called "grace" which we sometimes choose to extend to the undeserving. Unfortunately, over the weeks and months, you have gradually lowered yourself down the social ladder from being "mildly irritating" to being erm... "close to pathetic". Your childish attention-seeking antics shout out that you are in desperate need of a PR total makeover.

Why hide behind a veneer of fake smiles and compliments when your actions betray your thoughts? Your incongruency is far too apparent, glaring even. So stop being a hypocrite, and stop taking me for a fool. In the words of John Mayer, "say what you need to say" and say it to ME, rather than going around passing remarks and spreading gossip. C'mon, surely I don't have to tell you that you do?

If you ever do read this, I really pray that you would just pause to ponder for a moment. I don't like mincing my words and hence they may come across as sharp and offensive. But do think. Please do. And I hope that the eyes of your heart would be opened to see the truth of your ways. How besides hurting others, you have also hurt yourself along the way.