Monday, May 14, 2007

the good

Teeny weeny glasses of oh-so-lethal grape juice.

Coming face to face with a "slinging" Singaporean.

The cup of long island tea that runneth over.

Shook! with the Trio was...SHOOK (syiok-lah)!!

For some reason, we jumped into spiritual conversations of the "other" kind that night. Yeah, who doesn't like a good ghost story anyway, right?

Riiiight. But seriously, I had the hairs at the back of my hand standing up!

I'm telling you, IT was right here!!


To top up the night, it was nice to find a note on my windscreen left by the kind people of JW Marriott who had cleaned my car.

Talk about 5-star service, baby.


Turns out I had fathered more than just a few children over the weekend and hence I have been given the name "Jason the baby maker". Hey, noone said it was easy, but well, just trying to honour the divine commandment to "go forth and multiply"!!

Such is the life that Bing has accorded to the current chief "producer" of the land of Isola in his game Virtual Villagers.

Didn't manage to get a screen shot of "Jason" but here's showing how important my role is in ensuring the village survives through the generations...

No baby maker. Village dai.

the bad

Decisions, decisions.

Too many.

Too soon.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

dive @ Perhentian - day 1

After receiving so many requests from crazed fans asking to see the pictures from my recent diving trip in Pulau Perhentian (hoping to catch a glimpse of gleaming hot bods in the sun perhaps?), in my kind benevolence, I have decided to come up with a series of posts that will feature some pictures as well as a little log of what we did over the 5 days that we were there.

Day 1 started off in the wee hours of Friday (incidentally the 13th!) morning where I really had to struggle to peel myself out of bed after only managing to squeeze in a few hours of sleep. Took a quick shower and then woke Eu Bing up, who then gave me a ride to KL Sentral where I was to meet up with Angie, Kathy, Irene and Joanne. Kat however, who is normally Miss Reliable, surprisingly overslept today and so ended up heading to KLIA on her own.

Well, fast forward through the bus ride and breakfast at McD’s, we finally made it to the runway tarmac all ready to go!

C-c-can’t control self. H-h-have to do lala pose for the camera.

On board the plane…

Some slept.

But I did the kiasu thing by studying my scuba diving material!

Before long, we arrived at the land of tudungs and keropok lekor…


As there were 23 of us (yes, our original group just grew, and grew, and GREW), good ol’ Kelvin (a.k.a. our de facto tour leader) chartered a bus to take all of us from Pengkalen Chepa Airport in Kota Bahru to Kuala Besut, where we were to hop on a boat to the island.

No prizes for guessing what most of us did on the bus.

Upon arrival in Besut…

How long, O Lord???

I was bored so I took a stroll around and took this picture which I really like. A fitting addition to my collection of window/door pictures!

Time to board the boat…finally!

After approximately 40 minutes of heart-stopping moments on a crazy boat ride that left our knuckles white, our destination was finally in sight.

And we have arrived!

Our home for 5 days – Arwana Perhentian.

Welcome to paradise on earth!

Our dive centre…Alu-Alu Divers. Most of our daily activities revolved around this little shack.

As you can see, island life is pretty casual. They even have the communal si hang. Here, Kathy and Angie try to fit in with the local culture.

After dumping our stuff and having a short time of rest over lunch, it was down to serious business! Can’t waste precious holiday time! Erm, but well, unfortunately for us aspiring Open Water (OW) divers, it was the classroom that we had head to first of all.

So there we were watching videos…

…filling up forms and going through our notes. *SIGH*

While our leisure diver friends were all suiting up…

…and heading out to sea already! BOOO!!

Anyway, fast forward to dinner on our first night in Perhentian. We took a stroll along the stretch of beach in front of our resort and ended up at Fauna, which was one of the few other resorts dotting the beachfront of Teluk Dalam. The place was packed with people but we managed to get a few tables set up on the beach that had enough space to squeeze most of us in.

Dinner at Fauna.

Well, that was about the end of Day 1 as I remember. We spent the rest of the night just chatting before retiring early to bed. No drinks. No hanky panky. Such wholesome and decent company indeed!! Haha…

Thursday, May 03, 2007

take me to Qba

Here I am in the office absolutely refreshed by the mid-week break, although I can't say that I really look the part. No thanks to either the cold and flu medication that Eu Bing gave me (can't remember its name) or the dust that was flying around his room when he was cleaning it, my body reacted with a terrible disfiguring allergic reaction on my right eye causing it to swell to some ginormous size. You'd think I should have gone to see a doctor or get some rest, but NOOO. We did the worst thing we possibly could do (at least in my very self-conscious opinion) by going out for supper at McD's Centrepoint at probably the very peak of its swelling! Arrghh! The embarrassment! I hope I never see those people again.

Well, thankfully the swelling has been subsiding gradually by itself (didn't use it as an excuse to take any steroids like you, Richard =p). Right now, I guess it just looks like a case of late night puffy eyes. I'm certainly hoping it completely subsides before this weekend with Benj's and Janice's wedding coming up on Saturday.

Apart from that, checked out Qba (at Westin, not to be confused with the dodgy Qbar!!) on Monday night with Bing and Steph. Was good fun yakking away over the din, being trigger-happy with our camera phones, staring over the balcony observing the action below, picking out "stereotype" East & West couples, watching an enthusiastic aunty do her thang next to her rather kayu companion, enduring horrible music between band performances.

Who knew Monday could be anything but blue?