Monday, May 14, 2007

the good

Teeny weeny glasses of oh-so-lethal grape juice.

Coming face to face with a "slinging" Singaporean.

The cup of long island tea that runneth over.

Shook! with the Trio was...SHOOK (syiok-lah)!!

For some reason, we jumped into spiritual conversations of the "other" kind that night. Yeah, who doesn't like a good ghost story anyway, right?

Riiiight. But seriously, I had the hairs at the back of my hand standing up!

I'm telling you, IT was right here!!


To top up the night, it was nice to find a note on my windscreen left by the kind people of JW Marriott who had cleaned my car.

Talk about 5-star service, baby.


Turns out I had fathered more than just a few children over the weekend and hence I have been given the name "Jason the baby maker". Hey, noone said it was easy, but well, just trying to honour the divine commandment to "go forth and multiply"!!

Such is the life that Bing has accorded to the current chief "producer" of the land of Isola in his game Virtual Villagers.

Didn't manage to get a screen shot of "Jason" but here's showing how important my role is in ensuring the village survives through the generations...

No baby maker. Village dai.


fie said...

jason the baby maker!!?? eh dodgy wei...

Jason said...

hey, it's a tough job but someone's gotta do it

Jason said...

jason the baby maker is dead. at a ripe old age of 82.