Monday, January 26, 2009

on the first day of CNY, I blogged

Yes, I guess I am guilty of neglecting this space for quite awhile already. There's so much to do sometimes that blogging normally gets relegated to the back of my list of priorities of things to do.

Over the last month or so...

- I busied myself with Christmas rehearsals, and then Christmas
- I had the most awesome 12 straight days of leave, taking each day one at a time, cooking up spontaneous plans and not worrying about having to catch the LRT for work at 6.45 am the next day
- I got to know you better than ever before
- I welcomed you back into my life
- I said goodbye to you and wished I had spent more time with you while you were around
- I will soon say goodbye to you
- I got told unbelievably weird pieces of information that made my eyes open wide like saucers
- I re-discovered bowling
- I went for Youth Camp 2008 at easily our most cushy camp venue
- I now see Bros water bottles in a different light because of you...heh

----- 2008 turned into 2009 -----

- I went to Genting for the umpteenth time while it was your virgin encounter...still we both really had a blast that day!
- I made my 3rd trip to Jogoya and brought you and you along as well for a great afternoon together
- I suffered through super-spicy Portuguese grilled fish during my 2nd foodie trip to Petaling St with you, you and you...yum!
- I had an unexpected night 'chillaxing' at Sky Bar for the first time with you (x7)
- I aim to keep eating and working out regularly with the numbers 70 as my set target by year-end
- I finally got my 50 mm f/1.8
- I am still looking for a good price for my SB900
- I had my fair share of emo moments (who doesn't?)
- I got roped in as a RBS mission team supervisor
- I discovered an addictive game called Gunbound, and together with you, we remain an unbeaten team!
- I have been more consciously affirming my primary love languages
- I went for yet another movie premiere...this time for Underworld 3
- I received my 'letter' and was not unexpectedly indifferent

It's almost the end of the first day of CNY now. Time to go wash up and hit the sack soon. I've gotta wake up early for breakfast tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it.

So there. I blogged =)