Thursday, September 25, 2008

ups and downs

It's been hard maintaining the discipline of regular blogging with so many things seeming to scream out for our attention. A random thought: if my blog were my girlfriend, I think she would have left me a long time ago! Heh.

Today I reminisce over a month gone by: a month that has had its fair share of ups and downs - the joy in seeing relationships blossom and flourish, the agony of hurtful words exchanged, the thankfulness experienced in renewed friendships, the excitement of an awesome holiday abroad with good friends, the sadness associated with saying goodbye - all of which have left indelible spots in my memory.

Indeed I have been reminded yet again that nothing in life is certain. There may be times we soar above the heights, but we can never escape the periods we may have to wallow in the pits. (Sounds so emo. Haha.)

Our sojourn on this earth is never a straight road (actually, that would be rather 'boring', wouldn't it?). A chronic choleric like me at his best would only be able to formulate plans with utmost precision, but ultimately it is the Lord who decrees our direction and fate.

Humbling it is as I think these thoughts on an early Thursday morning.