Wednesday, December 17, 2008

welcome back

Ok, so I'm back in Malaysia. After having a roaring good time in the Lion City, I have to admit that it's a more bitter than sweet feeling to be back because honestly, I didn't really feel like coming back. But I'm sure that's just post-holiday blues rhetoric.

My first journey on the LRT this morning after coming back wasn't so great though. I was early and I managed to get a seat. Seated on my right was an elderly-looking man who was reading a book. Nothing eventful, nothing significant, and so I flipped out my BlackBerry and pretty much kept to myself as the train went on its towards KL.

It was early in the morning and feeling a little chilly on the train, I felt some moisture building up in my nostrils. So I let out a small "sniff" to ease myself of any potential embarassing "leakage". It was then that I thought I saw Mr Book look to the left.

I didn't get to really clear my nose properly and so about a minute later, I let out another small "sniff", thinking nothing much of it. Mr Book looked to the left again and suddenly I heard the words, "Can you stop it?" W-WHAAT? "I'm sorry?", I asked, feeling puzzled and half-wondering if he was talking to himself (after faithfully taking the train for over 6 years, you see all kinds of people).

"Can you stop it?", he snapped again. Quickly analysing the awkwardness of the situation, I soon surmised that my little sniffles must have irritated cranky Mr Book somewhat. I had half a mind to give him a piece of my mind, but decided against making a scene on the train. And so I just gave him a weird look and said, "Okayyyy..."

But as I thought about it, what are two tiny sniffles amid dozens of other more audible sounds on the train?

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Marie said...

crazies out there..

He would have probably thrown a fit if i was there in the morning :P