Friday, March 25, 2005

that's why He came

For every broken heart in need of mending
For every lonely child who needs befriending
For every time the innocent will ever need defending
That's why He came.

For every dream that life has torn and tattered
For every hope this world has dashed and shattered
For every soul that needs to know he matters
That's why He came.

That's why He came
For all the lost and lonely
That's why He came
For all the questions only love explains
And so that when we need Him
We can call upon His name
That's why He came!

To do the perfect will of God, His Father
To face His death just like a lamb to slaughter
So He could pour out life like living water
That's why He came.

To be our Cornerstone and our Foundation
To be the open Door to our salvation
To be our Saviour and our Celebration
That's why He came.

To bring His light into our darkness
And His healing to our pain
To bring us hope when it seems hopeless
That's why Jesus came.

- That's Why He Came, Chris Machen

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