Thursday, March 03, 2005

smell the color 9

I was just listening to some old CDs late last night before turning in, and I got to this song by Chris Rice. Thought I'd share this 'cos I thought it touches on the questions some of us have in relation to knowing and relating to God (especially for those in the Plymouth Brethren circle ;) ).


I would take no for an answer
Just to know I heard You speak
And I'm wondering why I've never
Seen the signs they claim they see
A lot of special revelations
Meant for everybody but me
Maybe I don't truly know You
Maybe I just simply believe.

Cause I can sniff, I can see, I can count up pretty high
But these faculties aren't getting me any closer to the sky
But my heart's faith keeps pounding so I know I'm doing fine
But sometimes finding You is just like trying to
Smell the colour 9.

Now I've never felt the presence
But I know You're always near
And I've never heard the calling
But somehow You've led me right here
So I'm not looking for burning bushes
Or some Divine graffiti to appear
I'm just begging You for Your wisdom
And I believe You're putting some here.

9's not a colour
And even if it was you can't smell a colour, no
That's my point exactly.

- Smell the Color 9, Chris Rice


discordant_dude said...

Ah, beautiful words; only wished I stumbled upon such songs during my soul-searching years; lost in the sea of miracles and spiritual manifestions ...

jv. said...

me thinks soul-searching is a life-long process. I'm personally still struggling with many issues myself, but I'm thankful that I've been learning a lot as the Lord reveals to me in His time =)