Monday, August 13, 2007

dive @ Perhentian - day 4

That's it!! I'm just going to finally wrap this up once and for all. I know this has been such a drag but since I did originally set out to chronicle every single day of my trip on the blog, I shall press on. But given that memories fade with time and old age, I'll probably make this a quickie picture blog post instead...hah!

We wrapped up our last two dives today at Genting and D'Lagoon. Genting proved to be a welcome respite from the pesky jellyfish that had hounded every one of our earlier dives. Here, there were NONE to be seen! Visibility was average though with lots of bottom sediments clouding vision. Marine life was abundant but sadly, the reef was showing signs of degradation. As much as it was still a pretty sight, what we saw was probably a far cry from its earlier halcyon days.

It was very much the same situation in D'Lagoon, which was pretty sad because we had been hyped up earlier for this last dive that was supposed to have been the 'best' one! Again, one could tell that not all the corals were alive anymore. Still, it was quite a pretty dive and we enjoyed ourselves.

And with that...

All done!

Oh well, actually we still had to sit for a written test after that but it was nothing too difficult really. Later on at our final dinner cum graduation party...

The latest divers in town!

Finding every excuse to take a picture - the Monash University Roberts Hall combi.

Team OSK.

The Monash University combi.

Doing the OKAY sign with Mazlin, our instructor, and Joe, my dive buddy

There were many more pictures taken that night but since this is a regulated blog, I shall refrain from posting them hehe. Suffice to say that it was a great night and we had our fair share of fun!

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