Wednesday, August 29, 2007

shanghaied to Shanghai

Ni hao! Huan ying! Xie xie! Xiao long bao!

It was only to be short business trip to Shanghai but considering I was several thousand miles from home, I decided to make the most of it.

And so, 15 minutes after checking into our hotel rooms in Chuansha, a medium-sized municipal in Pudong, Shanghai, we ventured out for food!

Sui jiao i.e. steamed meat dumplings. I remember it cost RMB1 (approximately RM0.50) for a plate of 8. Dunno why I see more here.

Work aside, I managed to catch up with Uncle Yun, Aunt Karyne and U-Minn on Sunday, which was pretty good in retrospect as it turned out to be the only day that I could really say I had a taste of Shanghai.

They came all the way from Puxi (the part of Shanghai on the other side of the Huangpu River) to pick me up, and then we drove back all the way to Puxi, towards the city centre. There were a few things struck me about Shanghai - towering skyscrapers, multi-level highways, horrendous drivers, and good food.

What about the famous Shanghai girls you wonder? Strangely, I only noticed them in Din Tai Fung, Xintiandi. That's where we ended up having dinner on Sunday night =)

I have never been to Dragon-i back home, but who cares about Dragon-i when you can do Shanghai...IN Shanghai! And Din Tai Fung doesn't stray far from the top echelons of Shanghai cuisine.

La mian. A must.

Synchronised xiao long bao eating.

Uncle Yun and Aunt Karyne stamp their approval. Heavenly xiao long bao in foreground.

All the walls in Din Tai Fung are covered with caricatures of famous people who have been there. See if you can identify the ones here.

A very unique dessert with rice wine, fermented rice, egg white, wolfberries and black sesame tang yuan. Nice!

A quiet corner in Xintiandi.

The Bund on the banks of the Huangpu.

Across the river from The Bund, skyscrapers soar in Pudong.

I had a first-hand taste of Engrish in Shanghai as well. From the pictures below, it's clear they have a long way to go.

(The visitor invites the register)
Spotted at our hotel. Who am I supposed to invite?

(The net lives the fashion network to live your eyeball)
What the??

(Everlasting and Unchanging Amusement Co. Ltd.)
How's that for a name of a nightclub?

(Please dial 68346000 if you find the water quality problem)
I'm still looking!

So quickly and it was time to go.

Shanghai Pudong Airport. It's huge.

The journey home.

Saved memories in a blue SD card...
2007.08.26-28 Shanghai


stefie said...

hello mr jet setter!! :) been ages. catch up soon!

Jason said...

i just thought about you last night when i saw your sis and mum at KLIA.
yes, we shall try to catch up soon!

heard of your acceptance letter! congrats!!