Tuesday, August 14, 2007

dive @ Perhentian - day 5

So quickly and we finally reached the last day of our trip. Since we were due to fly back to KL later on in the day, we couldn't schedule any extra leisure dives today lest we kill ourselves in the compression/decompression process haha. And so, we basically just hung around the resort's vicinity finding other things to do.

Jungle trekking, although the group really dwindled after a short distance with the majority choosing to laze in the pool instead =p

BIG ant.

A picture postcard shot.

And another one...peeking through the shrubs to view the sea beyond.

Almost 2 solid hours in the pool playing ball.

Some of us.

Before we embarked on our antics.

This one clearly didn't work out initially.

Three alphabets that represent us. Guess.

The cover shot for next month's corporate mag?

Final lunch at Break First Bar. Best mango shake I've ever had!

Rollicking over dive stories.

Time to leave paradise.

The blue, above and below.

Binge trip in Kota Bahru - first stop: keropok lekor!

Leaving our trail of destruction after nasi lemak burung puyuh and coconut water!

To ease our transition back to civilisation, we had KFC -_- for dinner at the airport. No pictures though. You know how KFC looks like, right?? ;)

We arrived in KLIA-LCCT late. Said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. Hopped on a bus with Irene to KL Sentral. Was thinking I could catch some shut-eye but we ended up yakking all the way instead.

It felt a little weird returning to the concrete jungle after spending 5 days of going back to basics. While there were certainly feelings of sadness now that the holiday had ended, those feelings also went out to the realisation that we in the city had become so disconnected with nature. Our creature joys are now mainly derived from man-made peripherals rather than God's creation itself. That's some food for thought huh?

Amid those slightly depressing thoughts, it was a welcome sight to see a familiar face at the bus station waiting for me. I was home.


irenekay said...

I actually forgot to blog bout it...keke... and I havent finish my log book either.....

heard you are doing advance....dang that only left me and Han Ther....

Jason said...

wahh i thought i was bad! haha i only finished my dive logs weeks after Perhentian!

about AOW, actually it was quite a spontaneous decision. but anyway, join us in Puerto Galera later this year!! I'm sure Angie would have told you about it.

stefie said...

helooooooo stranger!!!

Jason said...

helllooooooooo back to you!!!