Wednesday, August 22, 2007

at the beach again

I was worried Redang would disappoint.

It didn't.

Dream about turquoise-coloured dives in the morning and evening. Throw in a fair sprinkle of snorkelling from one end of the bay to another. Think sumptuous seafood dinners every night. Beach walks. Facial and foot massages. Pre- and post-Redang walkabouts in Kuala Terengganu.

Aaahhhhhhhh...I'm in my happy place.

Three cheers to one of the most memorable family trips I've ever had! Not to mention that I also managed to get my Advanced Open Water diving certification along the way! Yeayy!

Bright colours abound at Kuala Terengganu's Pasar Besar Payang.

Hanging up her wares for sale.

A lone painter gets distracted.

I like old. Old is good.

A fancy door at KT's Chinatown.

More old memories at Chinatown.

Sometimes I wonder, what if we painted our church red?

One end of Teluk Dalam at Pulau Redang.

And the other.

Our home for three nights.


Macro of a shy grasshopper.

Black and white contrast.

Dusk falls.

Lunch with a view.

Looking out to the sea.

Colourful canoes on the beach.

Monkeying around.

Taking the leap.

Vincent took this. Nice.

A lonely batfish.


Paijo and I.

Yes, that's moi.

An awesome sight in a wreck.

And there's more...
2007.08.18-21 Pulau Redang and Kuala Terengganu


Victor said...

wow, very sharp photos with an edge. you certainly have an eye or two for photography. i like the pics..nice.. they all look like.. postcard pics.. heheh

Victor said...

thought of typing another comment to emphasize my point.. the pics look good.. needless to say, so was the trip i believe..relaxing..i need a holiday..

Jason said...

haha...taking photos in Redang was good fun! beauty in almost every corner! we missed you! wish you could have joined us!

ZoË said...

is that your sister?

Jason said...

last I checked, yes. why?

stefie said...

dude, your pictures are awesome!!

Jason said...

hey thanx! =))
for the record, those underwater pictures were not taken on my camera. my DSLR can't do that without an underwater casing (don't even know if there is one to house it!).