Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Copa IBA 2007

Yes, I know. I'm a really slow blogger but better late than never. I had too many people bugging me for the photos, so here they are.

Anyway, Copa IBA 2007 kicked-off just recently. On the 14th of July, hundreds of the young (and young-at-heart) congregated at the Real Sports Arena in Klang for the annual Brethren Assemblies youth sporting event. After many years of having the event at RRIM, I guess the committee decided that a change would be good. Speaking of change, this year also saw the introduction of futsal as one of the main competition events, which made perfect sense since the venue was an indoor futsal court.

Gasing fielded a junior captain ball team, as well as futsal teams for both junior and senior categories. Overall, we did pretty good with all teams getting pretty far in the tourney. Kudos to all who participated this year!

It was our junior captain ball team however that surprised most (if any at all) of us by reaching the finals of the competition. This was the very team that one point (pun not intended) was staring at the brink of elimination from the qualifying round after scoring only, yes, ONE (1) point after the round robin matches. By God's grace, and a miracle too, really, we qualified.

And lo, that wasn't the end of the story. With the team all pumped up with their entry to the quarter-finals, they pulled together some fancy moves to post a convincing win over Kelana Jaya in the final 8.

We faced SSGC next in the semi-finals. Up against a very competitive team (and team manager too!), it certainly wasn't a walk in the park and there weren't many chances to score either. The Gasing team had to pull out pretty much all stops to clinch this match, which they did. The narrow scoreline of 9-6 says it all.

And there we were, in the finals again. Our second consecutive one too, following our last Copa IBA appearance in 2005. In an ironic twist of fate, standing at the opposite end of the court was SJGC, who gave us our lone point in the round robin stages with a 12-12 draw. It was a tough match and both teams gave it their best. Nevertheless, Subang turned out to be the better team that day and walked away deserving champs.

Besides the fun that I had watching the matches and cheering the teams on, Copa IBA also presented an excellent opportunity for me to test my then half-day old toy. I hadn't familiarised myself with all the controls and functions as yet, especially the manual settings, but I went back fairly satisfied with the results.

So this is when I step back and let my pictures tell the rest of the story.

Our super catcher in flight.

Shadowy steps.

The Gasing senior futsal team in deep discussion.

Our private BKT eating competition!

David leading the way.

Go Gasing!

Supporters in wild abandon.

Supporters in deep concentration.

The junior captain ball finals - PJGH vs SJGC.

Our junior captain ball team with their Runners-Up medals and Fair Play Award trophy.

SU-SING! A play on SUbang and GaSING.

Smile =)

For more pictures, simply click on the link below:-

2007.07.14 Copa IBA 2007


Joey said...

Wow, you have a great camera. The colours are so vibrant!

Jason said...

haha my camera thanks you for the compliment =)

marie said...

i love your pictures.. so jealous that i cant do that on mine =(