Thursday, October 20, 2005

smack 'em good

Boss: Hi there Smacky! Would you like to buy some cookies?
Smacky: No. Get out.
Boss: But everyone likes cookies.
Smacky: Don't you get it? I'm grouchy and I like it that way.

And then it's time to smite those saccharine sweeties!!

You guys have gotten me SOO addicted to this game...hahahah...


marie said...

rats...i only had 117 enemies defeated :P

wat a game..

Gracel said...

hie.... dropped by your blog and tried the smacky game... cute and cool... stress out on it... haha...
anyways... doyou know how we can use the Cheat codes... like where to key in , so i dont have to play from level one all over again?
thanks a bunch~
and cheers.=P

phyebeng said...

this is wat ive learnt from smacky:

1) to use the cheat codes, hit the space bar and you should see another screen that will allow you to type stuff. the skip level cheat allows you to er skip levels and the other cheat doesnt do anything but gives smacky a different funny hat to wear. the cheats only seem to work for internet explorer. you also need to download the necessary activex components to run shockwave. dont worry, the comp will prompt you. the 'cheat' screen also allows you to configure game settings which is good cuz if the game lags then you can make it run smoother.

2) save up on rage in the early levels. you can still charge up on rage well after its blinking. however, use your demon mode wisely. you can revert back to normal smacky the same way you used to transform to demon mode.

happy smackin'! :)

jv. said...

Was playing Smacky at Elaine's house yesterday and somehow that funny hat thing also appeared. Think it only happened when I transformed back to normal from demon Smacky mode...yeah, what's it do huh?

phyebeng said...

wat funny hat? did you type 'pil_seung'? different cheats get you different hats. they dont seem to do anything. i personally like the 'no_i_in_team' football helmet. heh.

phyebeng said...

btw i better credit bing for the lessons learnt. he might just sue haha.

jv. said...

i didn't type was some sort of hat that was changing all the time.

phyebeng said...

hmmm looks like a strange bug then. i dont think its supposed to be that way.

Anonymous said...

Yo, I have a full game guide for smacky right here. Email me and I'll send it to ya! ( Also, where would I post something like this online? This game is awesome!

Anonymous said...

i know some cheats for it
merry_and_good makes smacky wear a santa hat

bombadier advance to level 4
looking_glass advance to level 7
bad_hair_day makes smacky wear a baseball cap
i_want_you makes smacky wear a uncle sam hat
pil_seung smacky dons the gat
mr_croker gives him facial hair and a milatary hat
adrian gives him a champ beanie
saludos_amigos smacky dons a sombrero
gone_fishing smacky dons a fishing hat!

poohbear0 said...

hey all wondering if you could send me a copy of cheats!?!?! thanks