Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Richard's 18th

15 October 2005

Richard's belated birthday bash @ Zoe's.

Cher Ru working hard on the taters

AHA!! Now we have proof of Gadiy laying his hands on the satay before we said grace!

Eu Bing flashes a sheepish smile

The Playstation enthusiasts

Danny, Bing, Marie and I

Poor Lauren!

Richard looking ummm...surprised?

If you're planning a birthday party at Zoe's, do plan to get wet ;)

Richard the merman

Desperately trying to keep dry

Baywatch best buds...Pamela and David

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big4asian said...

pictures of home make me miss home.. sigh.. oh well, too bad i'm in this boring ol' abilene.. well, at least i'm alive. :)