Wednesday, October 26, 2005

i'm alive!

22 October 2005

The memories are faint now. It might have been the effects of the drugs that they gave me, or simply the trauma of going through the whole experience.

I was kidnapped.

It happened after choir practice on Friday night. I was caught unaware while chatting with some friends outside the church. They approached me and bundled me into a car together with all my belongings. I was helpless against the four ruthless accomplices.

We drove for what seemed to be hours. The minutes passsed by slowly. My attempts to solicit an answer as to where they were taking me yielded nary a response.

Soon, we left the bustling highways and ended up driving on a lonely trunk road. Dark trees loomed all around us. I noticed several signs of civilisation from time to time. That provided a glimmer of hope in the event I should succeed in escaping my captors.

And then, at the stroke of 12 midnight...



Now being held captive in a lonely shack in Bagan Lalang, Marie attempts another surprise with me catching her in the act =p

Happy birthday to meeee!!

Darth Tater rules!!! Thanx Keith! Thanx Marie! =)

Supper by the beach...fried squid. Not quite Jamie Oliver but still pretty good stuff =P~~~

Then it's time to head to the river for some stream-trotting! =)


Would you like some cheese cake and champagne, luv?

Breakfast in bed! =p

Keith is errr...drunk?

Ber-posing outside the chalet

And then we head to the Bagan Lalang beach to pick seashells and whatever we can find

BIG CRAB...small crab

Meet Billy the lobster/crayfish! =)

We graciously sent Billy back to sea with a word of advice to eat more, and to grow bigger and juicier! *smacking my lips* ;)

But Billy didn't wanna leave and came back to shore... Billy ended up as lunch =)

Little white shadows sparkle and glisten...part of a system, a plan

Marie, that's a bat, not a dove! =p

Doo-dooing with Doodolls at our YF class ;)

To Keith, Marie, Gabe and Wenz...thanx a bunch for really making my day special. You guys rock! =)


big4asian said...

just to tell you.. i'm jealous.

and by the way, we can fight.. i have the spud trooper which i won't open.. in case it becomes a collectors item. haha...

Wens said...

told ya you didn't have to call your mommy... :) glad you had fun and it was great being an accomplice.... hahaha.. such power.. thank goodness we didn't sign no suicide pact! :)

jv. said...

Ad: These things are in the supermarkets everywhere lah. Just take it out and have some fun with it! =) Just remember that Darth Tater is your master!!

Wenz: With blessings like these from above, who's thinking about suicide? ;)

marie said...

well, we had our chances in leaving jason at the road side..haha..asking him to take water and junk food from the back..but of course, we are nice :) We had fun keeping him in suspense tho hehehe.

Its a dove okay! :P

Anonymous said...

hehe...marie its a bat la..dove shud be gentler somehow...phew u guys really made me jealous! plus jason need to document it so birthday is in january???:P
li yien.