Tuesday, October 25, 2005

long overdue birthday pictures...Keith's 26th

16 September 2005

The gang gathers and attempts an early surprise birthday do under the pretense of playing lanterns with Missa (haha!) =p These "surprises" don't work that well anymore these days...

Keith plays the piano and sings his own birthday song!

Snuffing out those candles with the double barrel

Decisions, decisions!

The group pressie which yielded...

...Star Wars trilogy comics!!

After then it's time for that crazy game, Cranium...arrgghhh!

18 September 2005

It's the actual day, so Marie and I bring Keith out for dinner. Since it's a smaller group, we decide to be a little more adventurous and head towards KL, ending up at Tengkat Tong Shin, a row of really cool refurbished prewar shophouses that now house some really chic restaurants and funky bars...

Dinner stop...some Vietnamese restaurant called Sao Nam

An appetizer that we shared...it was err, Vietnamese pancake? =p

This is how it looks like all assembled on my plate...yum!!

Bright posters all around the restaurant...

...that carried equally bright messages! =)

Ze tandas ;)

Being part of the nation's gejala lepak outside La Bodega

Don't ask what I was doing =p

Sweet desserts @ Sweet Talk

It's to DIE for (talk about alternative suicide methods, PB...haha)

Wenz and Marie

Me, Keith and Gabriel


big4asian said...

have been to that place.. although the servings were as small as my nails they fill you up... well, maybe i was sick. hahah... cool pics.

and by the way, wasnt my name supposed to be in the card? did someone miss me out... wasn't someone supposed to pay for me first? hahah.. :P

jv. said...

Don't worry...I can fix that. I just need to pop over his place later with a silver/gold pen and write your name down.

And that'll be 5 bucks pls...thanx ;)

Anonymous said...

arrgghhhh....i seem to miss out on so much fun!!!not fair!...wanna cry liao!li yien

missa said...

Sick. That peanut butter french toast thing looks SICK. Heart attack in disguise :P

big4asian said...

well, we don't allow peanut butter haters to comment on our sacred indulgence. hehehe... it's good. too bad you won't like it.. it'll be even better if we dumped some bananas in.. hehe.. you would LOVE that won't ya? hehe.. just jk.

jv. said...

Hahahaha...think BA-NA-NAAAAASSSSSS...

But I still think the thinner one we had at Wong Kok CCT the last time was better. This one was a bit dry...too much bread and too little peanut butter =p

Quick, Adrian, come back! =)

phyebeng said...

hmmm i love peanut butter. although to confess my sins, i actually prefer creamy to crunchy but then again, i have a disdain for nuts in processed foodstuff in general. esp those where chewing is involved.

peanut-butter-coated-in-sugar sandwhiches in the morning get me going. yum.

marie said...


but peanut butter coated with SUGAR?? nice meh?

phyebeng said...

wat u eat yr peanut butter alone? i like peanut butter but i always feel it needs something extra. something with kick.

so put sugar lar.