Wednesday, October 27, 2004

taking flight

Flight no.: MH 608
Date: 25 OCT 2004
Time: 1725
Seat: 20K


fie said...

VERY NICE pics jv! i can never take plane photos. hardly ever turns out. how'd you do it??

jv. said...

Err...i just pointed and clicked ;) But i guess here are some hints that you might useful if you're planning to take pictures from a plane...

1. make it a point to catch at least either sunrise or sunset during your flight...that way, you get to catch nice bursts of colours

2. of course, point #1 would be totally defeated if you sit beside a window facing the opposite direction of the choose a window seat facing the direction of the sun! To ensure this, do check-in early ;)

3. i like taking my sunset shots a little underexposed. It gives the picture more contrast, as seen in the third photo. If your camera doesn't allow you to change your levels of exposure, i suppose u could just upload your photos to the PC and tweak their contrast/brightness settings

4. make sure flash is turned off...else cover flash with finger

That should be about it. Actually I liked your photos taken on the (was it) Murray River, beach and the tulip farm. There was this photo especially...this picture of a sunset...during that river trip. NICE...i thought the angled effect gave it an alluring touch =)

fie said...

ooh! okok... will try it on my trip home this time :)hmm.. never thought of covering the flash lens with my finger. you learn something new everyday:P

::christine:: said...

i love the last photo!
which camera are you using?

jv. said...

just a Nikon 3100...
it's pretty basic (would have wanted something more) but surprisingly it normally gets the job done most of the time =)

Anonymous said...

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