Wednesday, October 27, 2004

lack o' meters

I don't suppose I've mentioned that tragedy #7 has just struck me car!

Well, actually it's just a "mini" tragedy...but definitely still something to make me whine about!

*SIGH* My speedometer (the one measuring speed) is K.O. and my odometer (the one measuring distance travelled) doesn't work anymore. Well, I'm not really too concerned about the odometer, but the speedometer (or rather the lack of it) makes things a little difficult on the road.

At best, I can only try to guess my speeds based on the RPM meter (i'm sure there's a "something"-meter word for this) but it's still unsettling not knowing how fast I'm travelling. For example, I was driving from Kota Kemuning to Damansara Perdana (quite a distance) the other day and I got there in around 1/2 an hour. Hmmmm...

Was told by a colleague that it would probably cost me around 100 bucks to get this thingy fixed. I think I'm fast approaching net cash outflows for this month =p

The Jason Pity Fund is still open for donations.


fie said...

was reading your top ten things at the side and hey whadaya know? i'm a choleric/melancholic too!:)

poor car. seems its been going thru a lot lately huh?odometer...sounds like ODOURmeter. to measure unpleasant smells in the car.

jv. said...

if my car ever had an ODOURmeter, it would show up as "F" all the time...FRAGRANT! ;) No Pine-O-Clean or Ambi Pur but just "Au Naturel" smells..hehe

i'm not surprised that you're a Chlo/Mel...somehow it shows...that's what i gather.