Thursday, October 07, 2004


I received a call from Benny last night, bringing news that Uncle Saw (one of the senior citizens from my church) had just passed away. It was pretty surprising news, especially since I last saw him on Sunday looking very much in good health. is fleeting indeed. But we are immortal until He calls us to go.

One of my car tyres also "died" this morning on the way to work. Actually, it was already showing signs that it was time to go. For the last 2 weeks or so, I've had to pump air into it every few days to "prolong" its "life".

This morning, its time was up. It gave up its last breath of air (literally) somewhere along the KESAS expressway. Thank God the nearest petrol station was only about 1 km away. When I arrived at the petrol station, I tried resuscitating it with the air pump but it was already too late. My Goodyear Eagle F1 205/45/16 had passed away.

P.S. No disrespect to Uncle Saw. He will be missed.


fie said...

heya jason! didn't know you had a blog. got a shock when i read about uncle saw's death :( -stefie-

jv. said...

harlo!! welcome to my world!! =) You didn't miss out on much...I only started this blog recently. Blame it on you and the others laaa...PJGH is a blogging church!! YIPES!! Oh yeah, how did you find out about my blog?

Do pray for the Saw family during this time of bereavement. It was all pretty sudden from what I heard.

Anonymous said...

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