Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Malaysian Idol, Genting and my car again...

It's Tuesday and I'm still feeling the effects of the last weekend. Ok ok...I was already a little under the weather even before that. All that produces a very sleepy jv. at work, accompanied with heavy panda eyes. Need...caffeine... *slumps on keyboard*

Malaysian Idol

Malaysian Idol rocked Malaysia last weekend. Was up in Genting over the weekend for the show with Gabriel, Wenz, Yun Fern and Gabe's family. Thanks go out to Danny for the tickets =)

And what a show it was. It was a Friday showdown between two of the series' biggest voices...Jac (Jaclyn) and Dina (Faradina). From her performances throughout the competition, it was clear that Jac was the favourite to nail the accolade of being the first Malaysian Idol. Nevertheless, the memory of Jac sitted in the bottom 3 for two of the earlier weeks hung a cloud of uncertainty on the Malaysian voting trend.

Dina started off strong with the song penned for Malaysian Idol, Gemilang. With her powerful vocals, it was definitely one of her strongest performances in the competition so far. Her second song, Jelingan Manja (a classic by Saloma) was supposed to have added to her building momentum, considering how she well performed it in one of the earlier Spectaculars. Unfortunately, it was not to be. Dina only managed a lacklustre performance that "wasn't cheeky enough" according to the words of Fauziah Latiff a.k.a. Kak Jee. Dina tried to win back fans with yet another song that she performed in the Spectaculars...Hit 'Em Up Style by Blu Cantrell. It was bad to say the least...coupled with a equally dodgy outfit.

Jac took to the stage with the judges' selection, Tunggu Sekejap by the late P. Ramlee. Her rendition was awesome, and she claimed the song as her own. It was classy, sophisticated and sultry. Just Jac at her yummy best! She chose to sing When I Fall in Love second...the song popularised by Nat King Cole. Nice. A very elegant delivery. Roslan Aziz: "mengkagumkan" (awesome). But the best was truly yet to come. Jac just totally showed her mettle as the cream of the competition with her final number, Gemilang. She pushed the soaring ballad into a climax that brought the 6,000++ capacity crowd to their feet for a standing ovation. It was just WOWWWWWW!!!

When the results were announced the following day, Jac had won over 76% of the approximately 1 million votes cast. She wrapped up the show with Gemilang once again...with the other 11 finalists on stage with her. In the words of Paul Moss, "It was a spectacular end to a wonderful competition." Jaclyn Joshua Victor had become the first Malaysian Idol.


Driving up to Genting was unchartered territory for my Proton Wira. Was hesitant to drive initially but agreed in the end. It wasn't too bad. Plus it rained going up the...nice =)

Save for Malaysian Idol, we didn't do too much in Genting. Played some bowling...charted my worst ever score btw. Did some rock climbing...a warm-up for Kinabalu next year perhaps? ;) Some gun shooting and DDRing at the apartment wrapped up our fill-in activities.

Woke up early Sunday morning to prepare for the drive back to PJ. The morning was cold and foggy when we started our descent from Genting. Visibility was so poor that we could hardly make out the road in front of us. We even came across a Putra that had crashed in to a tree probably just awhile ago. Prayed a silent prayer for safety. Soon enough the mist cleared and we were zooming down the hill. Heard that church camp 2005 is gonna be at Gohtong Jaya. Looking forward to that one =)

My car again...

Tragedy struck my car again last weekend. Yes, my faithful metallic grey Proton Wira that accompanies me almost everywhere. On Sunday, I parked my car along Jalan Gasing instead of my usual spot at the back of the church building. After the morning worship service was over, I went with Yun Fern to the car to get her stuff.

It looked like my car. Yet different. Upon closer examination, I discovered that someone had ripped off my car's front bodykit. Now all that's left are nails sticking out...really ugly nails...UGHH!! Well, that makes it the 4th tragedy to strike my car in a month.

Honestly, I'm tired. Tired of worrying where to park my car. Tired of having to send my car to be fixed. Tired of having to trouble people with my inconveniences.

Now I just pray my new Bridgestone tyres don't go.


Er Lern Loh said...

Tough man... I always fear for my car too... but so far so good lor. c'est la vie!

Er Lern Loh said...

Tough man... I always fear for my car too... but so far so good lor. c'est la vie!

jv. said...

Car tragedy #5 struck yesterday...got a "saman" for supposedly parking in a non-designated area =p I credit this to overzealous MPPJ officers who probably looked at my car as yet another statistic to fill up their daily quotas. Well, I'm just gonna have to send in the requisite documents to appeal against this summons. I expect to win.

fie said...

aiyo, poor thing.no need car lah.jet plane enough. some more jet harder to strip.

jv. said...

You know I've always been amazed at stories of how some people create websites or even just forward lengthy e-mails highlighting their plights and gripes...and they end up having people from all over the world just pouring money into their hands. Aiyoo...so pitiful, help a bit lah.

Well, trusting in the apparent goodwill of people around the world, anyone interested in contributing to Jason's Jetplane Fund? All contributions will be acknowledged with due thankgiving =) Special requests for public acknowledgement on my blog can also be arranged. For those who are really "feeling it", the Jason Pity Fund is also available to satiate your deepest giving needs.

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