Wednesday, December 19, 2007

lo hon ko

Despite being on leave today, I had a pretty full schedule that kept me occupied the whole day from morning ‘til night. So yeah, it was pretty much a work day for me after all.

Project M is coming along fine. We had some minor hiccups today and a spanner or two thrown in the works, but I think we’re still on track. It’s been great fun working with the boys too and we’ve had some good times pulling out silly ones and laughing through the sawing, cutting, painting and tying. Thanks so much, guys. I’m really looking forward to seeing to fruits of our labour! =)

As a treat to ourselves, we caught a movie in the evening together with Keith. Scooted down to Mid Valley to watch I Am Legend. Won’t spoil it for anyone but my thoughts about the movie are – same old premise, but great acting. I mean c’mon…it’s Will Smith! Should you be expecting anything less from the man these days?

Dinner conversations followed through on a thought that I’ve had of late. Of late, I feel like I’ve been peeling out the drier outer layers of an onion to discover the fresher layers inside. I’m uncovering treasures hidden around familiar places. In short, it’s been pretty cool.

So to you AND to you: We’ll do dinner or drinks again one of these days okay?? =)


fie said...

HELOO??? what happened to calling fie??

Jason said...

heyyyy!!! we're so sorry about yesterday!!!

we were just so caught up at work yesterday (especially since we had a minor disaster with one of our props!) that it must have slipped our minds. Keith had gone on to get the tickets for us and we ended up having to rush to MV and arriving about 10 minutes late.

So yeah. Will make it up to you sometime ;)

Hannah said...

i thought I am Legend was a strange show. too many plotholes. i liked the dog though.

marie said...

just wondering, what does "lo hon ko" gotta do with this post? =P Anyways, great work with the props! Looking forward to seeing the whole big picture =)You deserve a goood rest after christmas. Road trip anyone??? =P

Jason said...

hannah: yeah there were a few parts here and there that got me wondering (e.g. water supply to bathe the dog?) but i tried to reason them away (e.g. no humans but systems still running?? it's just water??) am i making any sense?? haha. Yup...loved the dog too. But *sigh* poor thing.

marie: there IS a significance. haha. road trip?? where?? sure...count me in!! somebody give me a break!!!

marie said...

i anytime oso can, since i start only January 14th!!! haha. Ask KC and see if he is interested to go?!

ZoË said...

i know why its called lo hon ko..
or at least i think i know why..
wtv it is.. I LOVE LO HON KO..
haha yes yes richard and i are a bit nuts bout lo hon ko :)