Monday, December 03, 2007

feeling a little blue on a Monday night

Dad, mum and the rest of the family went home today and I’m missing them already. A duality of emotions always strikes me whenever they make these short visits. On one hand, I’m glad for the time that we get to spend with one another. However, the time is often too short and is quickly divided up like a pie amongst others also clamouring to catch up with them. Call me selfish, but I sometimes do wish I had the pie all to myself.

On a lighter note, the Chongs are planning a trip to Sipadan next year and God-willing, I’m going to have a few fellow divers in the family by then! It was amusing seeing Unc Robert all excited talking about diving over breakfast this morning. Said he would probably be getting his licence with the kids early next year. Jack is also planning to get his soon and I’m gonna push Poh Nee to get hers soon as well. And I’m wondering if Victor will be back around then. It would be sooo cool to dive with family!

Anyway, it’s 10.30 p.m. right now and I really should be in bed resting. My head is throbbing and I am feeling that all-too-familiar ache in my body. Not a good sign. Not good at all. With so much to do these days, I’m praying that the Lord will sustain my body before letting me crash gracefully after the Christmas rush.

My thoughts these days are still on getting the manger up and on building that door structure. The wood for the manger arrived last week. Looks good. I’m looking forward to putting everything together with the boys sometime this week or next. The door on the other hand is still in a state of flux. Apparently, my salvaged door frame will be making its way to church this week, but I still have not gotten a definitely confirmation. With the deadline looming closer, I could very well worry, but I’m choosing not to. At least not yet. I’m going to have to find some time over the next few days to think through my ideas a little deeper. I’m also still looking for that next elusive free slot that I can take a day off from work.

Work…ah, yes. Speaking of THAT that wouldn’t let me go. I’ve got another independent advice letter to rush out by tomorrow. Spent the whole day today building up my arsenal of weapons to tackle this particularly tricky letter for a new client in Sarawak. Tomorrow I put my thoughts down on electronic paper. Pray my thoughts flow smoothly.

Speaking about praying, I think it’s time for me to meet my Maker. We’ve been having a rocky relationship of late, but I’m hoping to do something about it.

Forgetting what lies behind
Setting our eyes on the prize
Always keeping our eyes on our Lord Jesus

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Wens said...

hi there.... a bit belated the comment but i hope you are feeling much better.... do take care k and remember to take a few breaks for yourself too ya - not just for work, church and everything in between... But maybe a day for yourself would be nice... hehe... maybe after Christmas considering the usual bz schedule that I'm missing sorely now :)

Take care you. Was just thinking about you guys back home today. Hugs!