Wednesday, January 09, 2008

drama at the airport

What a day. The one thing that I had thought would NEVER happen to me...HAPPENED today!


And to think that I had nonchalantly walked up to the check-in counter even, before an unsettling cloud of doom settled over me as I watched my colleague flip out his passport. It was almost surreal.

Thankfully, Cathay Pacific still had seats on their 1.35 pm flight to HK. Still, I first had to run around the airport to re-schedule my flight, then take a taxi all the way back to USJ to get my passport, and then head back to the airport to catch the next flight. And now I blog while waiting for my flight. I need a breather man.

On the bright side, my sticky situation was a chance for me to celebrate the wonders of technology once again! As no one will be picking me up upon arrival in HK later, I went online, checked out my alternatives to get from Chek Lap Kok to the city, ran through the schedule and route of the Airport Express train, then went to Google Maps to check out where my hotel is located. So assuming all goes well, I should be at my doorstep at the Ritz-Carlton at about 5.30 pm.

And now, with all that done, I shall go check my Facebook account =)


marie said...

hehe =)Wat a drama! Now can tease you whenever we go for a trip =P

Wens said...

ya man....never thought that would happen to you or anyone of us for that matter...seems like a norm to check my passport a million times before and on my way to the airport... hehe...glad you got there alright though! :)

princessjo said...

Haha I forgot to bring my IC once too but thank God Daddy got the taxi driver to dash back to the house to retrieve it. But still. Mini heart attack okay.