Monday, January 14, 2008

in Hong Kong

I had a pretty packed schedule in HK with scheduled meetings with colleagues at our HK office, as well as with other investment bankers. Nevertheless, I still managed to have some fun with my camera.

The times we were free, I dumped my colleagues and ran out to the streets to take in the sights and sounds. I reckon I must have looked pretty tourist-y toting my Crumpler messenger bag and with DSLR slung around my neck.

But who cares.

Like every aspiring photographer, I was after only one thing - the perfect shot.

I have always loved taking pictures from the plane as the I enjoy the surprises that new perspectives bring to common things.


Tsui Wah char chan teng. Apparently a favourite supper haunt for HK celebrities. We didn't see any. Or at least none that we recognised.

Yung Kee is a must-go gastronomical destination in HK. The roast goose here is to die for! !

The Mid-Levels Central Escalator - the longest escalator system in the world. Takes pedestrians up and down the hilly streets of Hong Kong.

Lan Kwai Fong. Entertainment hub of the city. A smörgåsbord of people and cultures. I certainly could get used to hanging out here!

Took the Star Ferry to Tsim Sha Tsui just to snap a picture of this already world-famous view of Hong Kong Island. Electric!

The lobby of the place I call Home in Hong Kong, which I sadly hardly spent much time in.

Sweet dreams. Another new day beckons.

2008.01.09 Trip to Hong Kong


rach said...

hmmm... the HK i remember seems different... you captured it nicely, makes one feel like going to HK! :)

marie said...

yay photos! Forgot to look at it last saturday when we were x-box-ing =P

Love the clouds from the plane shot! I guess i better hide my attempts on it with my cam hehe. I especially love taking the bed of clouds =)

Hongkong seem to be a city of lights by the look of your pictures. Too bad so little time to explore more huh? Especially your hotel!

Gonna look at the other pictures of the central escalator..quite impressive by what you have told me so far about it. Hehe i sound like an ulu malaysian =P But you cant blame a malaysian who has "amazing" road condition and system! =P

Richard said...

HAHA!... did they have Lo Hon Ko? hhahaa..

fie said...

my my.... jet setting jv :)

hello from melbbie!

Jason said...

rach: it IS a nice city!

marie: haha...there'll be more opportunities for sure!

richard: i'm sure they would have some! prob even better than the ones we get here!

stephie: allo allo! we're missing you already!!!

fie said...

helohelo! update!!