Friday, April 29, 2005

the week

has been quiet and relatively uneventful. The past few days have been pretty much routine, which is not entirely a bad thing with my exams drawing closer.

Yes...CFA. I've been trying to squeeze some studying into my daily schedules with varying degrees of success. Strangely, I get most of my studying done on the LRT. I just plop myself on a seat, take out my notes, and get myself lost in them. My mind turns oblivous to my surroundings, save for the occasional bz-bahdee who just has strain his/her neck over my shoulder to see what I'm reading. Please, just look away. It's rude.

Poh poh will be in Shanghai for 4 months so I did some cooking during the week. Whipped up a lazy man's beef stew on Monday, which I had with noodles and blanched choy sum over 3 nights. It was alright, but I thought perhaps it was lacking a certain spice. Well, I try not to be too choosy. As long as it fills me up, I'm fine and dandy.

The weekend is just around the corner, and a long one at that too since we've got Monday off as well. I really should take this opportunity to read up on Financial Statement Analysis.

But not tonight.

Tonight, I shall finish the last 5 episodes of Clone Wars. The force is strong indeed.

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phyebeng said...

yeah i agree it's rude but if you plop something vaguely interesting into a long and uneventful ride you're bound to pick up some unwanted attention. it's like that dontthinkofapinkelephant mind trick.