Friday, April 15, 2005

i smell a rat

I must be starting to lose my ability to wake up at 6.00 a.m. every work morning. Waking up half an hour late for the past two days is NOT GOOD. It's a wonder how much traffic builds up on the roads within the span of 30 minutes.

After rushing through getting washed up this morning, I was all ready to go. And then I saw it - a murky green blob of dense liquid on the floor. Fresh rat poo! Rats! (pun intended) The little beastie was around somewhere. I thought I heard a little squeak coming from among a stack of boxes in a corner. time to take care of that. I'm already late! Thoughts of building traffic in USJ and Bandar Sunway filled my mind.

As I was sitting down to put on my socks, I heard another squeak. This time, there was no mistaking it. There from among the boxes, a little critter emerged slowly. Ever so nonchalantly creeping closer, and closer to the door. Never in my life have I ever seen a rat move so slowly. They normally dart around so quickly. Anyway, I was not going to let this rat stay in my house one more moment. Playtime was over. It was either the door, or war.

Now this rat was REALLY slow. It was either full from gorging on some unknown food source, or maybe it was being extra cautious because of my presence. Whatever the case, I couldn't wait for Mickey (let's give my new "pet" a name now, shall we?) to take his 2 minute waltz to the front door, and so I got up to give him some "encouragement". That proved to be a bad decision, because he turned around unexpectedly and darted under the sofa. Shoot!!

I looked around desperately and found the trusty rotan (bamboo cane) that my poh poh (grandmother) reserves for application on my naughty little cousins when they come over. I grabbed it and swished frantically it under the sofa, hoping to chase Mickey out. It didn't work. I pulled the sofa aside, expecting to see Mickey cowering in fear of his impending doom. He wasn't there! Rats!!

Mickey had given me the slip. That sneaky rat. As I type this, he's probably helping himself to the onions in the kitchen. But oh yeah...onions...yessssssssssss...juicy fresh onionsssssss…

I hope he starts tearing to death.


missa said...

KILL IT! KILL IT! Hehe... that's what my mum would say, haha..

But try not to... just shoo him away can, ah? :(

jv. said...

it's gone.

taken care of...i hope. hehehehehe ;)

Wens said...

ewww... rats... i hate them!!! jv.. how could you use the rotan that is meant for HUMAN beings to possibly hit a RAT?? Can you imagine how gross that would be?/ Best wishes to your notti little cousins.. I wouldn't want to be notti if I were them.. not after knowing what ko ko Jason did with the rotan!! ;)