Wednesday, April 06, 2005

monkey me

Oh, watch him recoil!
Oh, see such turmoil!
As I bounce with glee,
Outside Aunt Happy's.



marie said...

wah..your 10 years of doing monkey tricks are happening now huh? :P

missa said...

Hahaha.... aw, JV. You made me laugh today :) What have you been up to, now?

jv. said...

You mean I made someone laugh? You mean I'm funny? Oh!! It's a revelation...haha! =)

I gave your ko ko a good scare outside Aunt Hap's...didn't see me lurking behind the pillar ;)

How r u Sa? More photos for us to see?

Keith said...

monkey JASON at least I didn't scream like a girl ok

missa said...

Hehehehe... good job, Jason. One must be there to do silly things to him while I'm not around :) *Pat on the back*

I'm good :) Lotsa Cali photographs, but haven't had the time/ patience to upload them yet :P I will... soon. Heh.

No screaming like a girl, ko. Though I can imagine you jumping with fright. Haha..

Also, on a very good note, I'm going to watch The Shins in concert! Muahahahahahahaha..

Love you all... and miss you!