Wednesday, January 05, 2005

happy burst-day Adrian (2005.01.03)

Entertaining ourselves with "Extreme" Jenga while waiting for the others to arrive.

The birthday boy and his chocolate cake.

Ewww...facial hair and chocolate cake don't mix.

Eye-popping stuff for the gals. Adrian and his way-too-small Radiohead shirt.

Not HAPPY ah??!!

Photo in a photo. Fie snaps a shot of Gabe and Wenz.

A little creativity, a Barney gift wrapper, and a willing subject, and...

Chef Pierre (of moist orange 'khhheckk' fame) is back!

Don't let the images of calm deceive you as we settled down for a crazy time of...


"Fie" is NOT a word!! Dictionary!!


phyebeng said...

some pics were brighter, were those taken without flash?

jv. said...

i think only the pic of Eugene sitting on the chair was taken without flash...also explains the slight blur