Monday, January 24, 2005

buatlah secara spontan

As much as I like to plan things beforehand, I'm starting to think that my subconscious thrives on spontaneity.

Such was the overall theme of the 3-day weekend thanks to the Hari Raya Haji break on Friday. From spontaneous birthday party cookouts, spontaneous overnighters at Keith's, to a last minute spontaneous decision to travel up to Mengelembu for dinner, the weekend rocked my world.

20 January 2005

Li Yien turns 24.

We went through a pretty detailed history lesson on Gasing love stories...tee hee.

21 January 2005

Leaving KL...see the twin towers shimmering in the distance. Yeah, it was a desperate shot taken when we were already going down the hill on the other side.

First stop...Wah Chai Seafood Restaurant in Mengelembu.

Mengelembu yummies laid out before us.

Beer and seafood walk hand in hand. Cheers!

Gabriel, me and Keith.

Marie gets caught in a heist!

Just bummin' outside the Ipoh police HQ...the safest place in town!

Danny had to endure much for this perfect shot...heheh

Ms Lam makes an appearance in her hometown.

One for the road.

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