Thursday, January 20, 2005

before there was time

Before there was time
There were visions in Your mind
There was death in the fall of mankind
But there was life in salvation's design
Before there were days
There were nights I could not see Your face
But the night could not keep me from grace
When You came and took my place

So I cry holy only begotten Son of God
Ancient of days
I cry holy only begotten Son of God
And sing the praises
Of the One who saved me
And the promises He made

Before there was time
You counted the hairs on my head
You knew all the words I've said
And You purchased me back from the dead
Before I was made
You searched me and knew my ways
You numbered all my days
And You set forth the steps I would take

You saved me, You raised me
You saved me, You pulled me from the grave

- Before There Was Time, Caedmon's Call


Anonymous said...

I like this song. I like the album (high praise indeed since I don't like many Christian albums). And I REALLY love Oh, Lord Your Love :)


jv. said...

yeahh...i've been re-discovering Caedmon's Call of late. Borrowed a few CDs from Keith. Definitely one of the better Christian bands around...nice sound, great lyrics. They've also got a new album's called Share the Well. Guess it's time to go CD shopping soon =)

Anonymous said...

I actually had no idea about 'Share the Well'. Someone told me that they're not going to be touring anymore and that they've sorta taken a break from being "Caedmon's Call". I know that Derek Webb (the guy with the awesome voice!) has a solo album or two out... and I've heard that his latest,'I See Things Upside Down', is really good. I think what I like best about his writing is his unabashed honesty. I'm not sure I could do that...

// Melissa.

Anonymous said...

You're right looks like Derek Webb has gone solo. Has two albums to his name already. You said the latest one is good stuff? What's it like? Typical Caedmon's Call sound or otherwise?

jv. said...

oh, and Anonymous = jv.