Wednesday, October 17, 2007

chilling at Chiling

What started out initially as an exciting plan to go white water rafting over the Hari Raya weekend fizzled out due to lack of interest and also the ever-so-important cost factor. Nevertheless, with my mind already geared up for a solid outdoor workout, having already done Bukit Tabur again on Saturday, I managed to round up several like-minded accomplices who were keen on re-visiting the Sungai Chiling falls again.

The last time I had been there was close to a decade ago. And with the advent of the Internet, it was obvious that it was probably no longer going to be as idyllic as I had remembered it to be. And so I had to keep my expectations low, not really knowing what to expect of our trip.

The first big difference that I noticed was the presence of a dam in the vicinity of Kuala Kubu Baru. Well, I definitely don't remember seeing this monstrosity of a structure there the last time.

The man-made lake caused by the dam. The pebbles on the ground were just too inviting.

Same ol' Chiling or not, the trip provided yet another opportunity for me to have some fun with darling Miss Nikon. Conditions were challenging though as the journey to the waterfall required us to hike through sometimes thick foliage, and also make several river crossings. One slight mistake could prove to be fatal...and expensive.

Still, it was a good experience and I managed to snap some shots that I was satisfied with. Here are some random ones.

A bustling community of (ouch!) red ants.

Follow the leader.

The start of the trail towards the waterfall.

First river crossing.

Entering a bamboo forest.

Catching a glimpse of the river.

And we're finally there!

Macho pose before taking the plunge.

The Sungai Chiling 2007 gang: Shobana, Nick, Hans, me, Aleena, Shern Yau and Beng Weng.

'Til the next time!
2007.10.15 Sungai Chiling waterfall


marie said...

love that "follow the leader" shot =)

Anonymous said...
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stefie said...

i went white water rafting nyehehehe! :P

Jason said...

yeah yeah...but yours prob only grade 2 rapids max...cheh!!

stefie said...

white water rafting all the same! thbbbppttt :P