Sunday, October 07, 2007

preaching the Word

It's a wrap!!!

And WOWWWWW! What an experience!!!

I don't know how I managed to pull through so smoothly today, but somehow it was almost a "Zen"-like experience on stage this morning! If you prayed for me, it must have worked, so thanx a bunch!!

To God be the glory!


marie said...

You were great! Indeed covered with prayers. This Psalm came to mind Psalms 28:7

David said...

huh ? what was that ?
u speak on the pulprit on a sunday morning ?

Jason said...

haha yeah. that was last sunday. and FYI, alex kong spoke this morning.

Wens said...

Be careful... you'll be roped in to the new generation of speakers. Muahahahaha!!! But indeed, well done!

adrian said...

Why 'zen' like?

Jason said...

the expected butterflies in my stomach probably flew away, was super calm, serene and my mind was very clear. all glory to God, really!