Monday, July 03, 2006

a holiday and then another

I'm contemplating an interesting proposition on a trip to Bali next week. The prospect of spending four days basking on sunny beaches sounds almost too good to let up!

The only drawback would be that I would have to sacrifice two days of unpaid leave. poor already lah...

Anyway, here are some pictures taken in UK and Ireland!

Mum and I in London!

We caught The Lion King which was showing at the Lyceum Theatre in London. Tickets cost a bomb but the show itself was THE bomb!

Sausages and mash...yum!

Mum, Victor and I on the banks of the Loch Ness in Scotland.

The family minus Vincent at Vic's convo at Trinity College, Dublin.

And the Voon-Chong clan gets its first doctor!

Clarence Hotel in Dublin, which I found out was owned by U2.

Mum and I cooking up a storm in Vic's apartment.

Lunch with Andrea at Han Yang Korean restaurant. Everyone say "KIMCHI!!"

We celebrated Father's Day over Irish stews, Guiness pot pies, Bailey's Irish Cream cheesecakes, pints of Guiness, and this Irish dance stage performance which was like watching a mini Riverdance.

Ancient graves and monasteries in Monasterboice.


Another food stop...Irish stew again!

Vic, Adeline and I.

One of my favourite shots of the trip.

Lin does her best impersonation of Simba.

Up in the Wicklow Mountains.

The bea-u-tiful Sally Gap. The movie Braveheart was shot in this region.


Rachel Teoh said...

hiyee! i chanced upon your blog - nice!! :) Love the all the pics, including the bigger pics of your li'l rottie..!! :)

jv. said...


what a nice surprise to have you drop by! =) so do you blog as well or are you just one of those KPCs/voyeurs out there? ;)

Lil (not so lil anymore these days actually) Oreo had a leg infection recently. Poor girl had to go for some jabs and is now on antibiotics.

rachel teoh said...

harro!! oh darn i've been found out! :) ok ok, guilty as charged! i don't have a blog and i'm super kay-po, i just LOVE peering into other people's lives... :)

Poor Oreo, she must've hurt herself la... silly poochie. Pups have a way of doing that.

Alritey, you have a good day! :) I hear we will prolly see you Gasing folk on Doulos this Sat.

jv. said...

oh is Subang going to Doulos as well? cool! What time? We'll be leaving in the morning.

let's flood the place with the Brethren!! was trying to recall that word used so ever often during the youth quiz...was it brethren-ship??? ;)

rachel said...

yes Subang's going too, but we're only going in the the afternoon... :( Oh well... flood the place with the Brethren anyway... ;)

haha... that word's classic man! Brethren-ship! not going to forget it anytime soon! *teehee*