Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Toss and turn...toss and turn...

Sleeping has become quite a bit of a struggle for me of late with the ol' body just refusing to drift away into slumber at night. It's never really been a problem to me until recently. Actually, not until returning from the UK/Ireland trip. thinks it's not a good thing.

Thankfully, with the World Cup, and now Wimbledon, there's enough on the telly to keep me occupied lest Mr Sandman fails to take me.

Despite not being a Brazilian supporter, I have to acknowledge that yesterday's resounding 3-0 win over Ghana probably show why the samba kings are among the best in the world today. Even at 2-0 up, they had so many other great chances before making 3-0 that if not for the guile of Ghana goalie Kingson, I think the scoresheet could have been disastrous to the African team.

The simultaneous Wimbledon live telecast on Channel 82 had me switching channels back and forth. First round matchups between Andre Agassi v Boris Pashanski (who?) and Kim Clijsters v Vera Zvonareva were on. Agassi had an early scare from Pashanski as he struggled to settle in the match, resulting in Pashanski taking the first set. However, Agassi pulled up his socks and rallied to win in 4 sets.

It's sad to hear that Agassi will be retiring after the US Open this year. Sure, the guy's like 36 or 37 this year, but it doesn't really seem that long ago I remember watching this flamboyant blond-haired rebel making waves in the tennis circuit and winning Grand Slams. He inspired my love for the game and certainly continues to enthrall even today.

*sigh* He will be missed.

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