Monday, February 21, 2005

wai gong's weekend

I am back! Yes, I am back in KL after an extended weekend in ummm...KL? Kuala Lipis that is; a little town somewhere in Pahang, on the banks of the Jelai river. Some of you might already be aware that my maternal grandpa passed away a few days ago. It wasn't because of illness or disease but more of just plain old age. He was 96 according to the Roman calendar. However, I discovered that Chinese being Chinese, there is actually a system that accords "bonus years" upon fulfillment of certain criteria and that actually resulted in my grandpa being 102 years old!

Anyway, RED was the order of the occassion. There were RED funeral lanterns. There were RED pieces of paper with fancy Chinese calligraphy. There were red ribbons, banners and sashes. We wore RED shirts.

There was a band. There was an impromptu dance (NO, I did NOT join in...haha). There was an "eight seasons" drum routine (great stuff!). There were fireworks. There was a procession in town.

And this was a funeral.

There are just so many thoughts swimming in my head right now that putting everything down would just take up too much space. So I'll spare you the details. If you're interested to know more, just ask. And I'll tell.

I just wish I had DiGi reception in Kuala Lipis. There were just so many thoughts and prayer points that I had wanted to convey. Being only ONE of FOUR Christians in a family spanning FIVE generations and over 100 members, it got pretty daunting at times.

And oh yeah,
Romans 5:8 stood out for me during the weekend.


marie said... sorry to hear about your grandpa. Hope you are feeling better. This funeral seemed very large scale. Just wondering..wats "wai gong'?
You take care.

jv. said...

hey Marie, thanx for your concern..appreciate it. I'm ok..dun worry =) Yups..the funeral was pretty elaborate. Mainly because he passed away at a ripe old age.

Oh, and "wai gong" refers to the maternal grandpa. "Gong gong" is actually reserved only for the paternal grandfather. Same applies for "wai poh" and "poh poh".

marie said...

glad that you are doing okay.

Continue to draw strength from our Lord. Have a good week..