Wednesday, June 18, 2008


A brief exchange brings a humorous respite to yet another hectic day in the week. Lay off the movies for now, will ya? Wait for me to watch Kung Fu Panda!

Dinner was good today. M and F cooked spaghetti aglio olio, baked chicken wings and made a fruit salad to go along with it. It's nice to have a home-cooked dinner waiting for you when you get back after a hard day's work.

As I type this upstairs in the loft, I am tempted to join the gang who came over to watch Family Guy. Unfortunately, I can't. I've really gotta get started on my little sermonette for the boys' outing this weekend.

Ok, enough of this procrastination. Now get your a$$ to work =p


fie said...

hear you guys are living it up at aunty lins :) hehe.. wish i was home too. really miss you lot.

Jason said...

Miss you too Steph! Who's gonna go jazz bar hopping with me now? =`(