Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Whew! I finally managed to wrap up one of the larger deals that I have been working of late. But while I enjoy a pithy breather amidst the recent work mayhem, more projects are looming in the horizon. Some look exciting, but the signs are ominous that I will likely be up to my neck with work for quite some more time!

In these 'dark' times, I am finding myself lifted by little gestures that come my way...through actions, the phone or email from time to time. The occassional little thing that lifts the spirit, turns the frown upside down into a smile, and reminds me that my world is so much bigger than IPOs or corporate mergers and take-overs.

When it all gets darker then
The whole thing falls apart I guess
It doesn't really matter 'bout the rain
'Cos we'll get through it anyway
We'll get up and start again.

'Cos we could be lifted
From the shadows

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