Friday, May 09, 2008

climbing mountains

3-and-a-half-hour conversations are always good for the heart.

I'm glad to have set aside that fraction of my life to listen to you, and to occasionally chip in with my 2 cents. It helped me to understand you better...the way you tick, and I must say that it opened up my eyes to quite a few INTERESTING revelations ;)

I'm glad you overcame your mountain...and LIVED to see today. Know that I'll be there when the next one comes.

The throat is feeling a little sore this morning. I'm wondering if it's due to all the talking, or perhaps my Milo ais kau?


zoe said...

Milo ais kau?? wonder who intro you to that.. nudge nudge..

Jason said...

helloo...i've been drinking Milo ais kau for like, forever!

Anonymous said...

no i don't like milo ais kau..