Monday, April 28, 2008

we are conquerors

Mt Kinabalu was a blast! We made it to the summit!! *pats on the back for everyone*

Burning thunder thighs, 6.00 am sunrise 4,095 m above sea level, yellow daffodils, caffeine chill-outs at the terrace, trusty Nikon DSLR, our RM350 'hoi tai kai', beach-bumming at Pulau Mamutik, "Bunny-Bunny" on the rooftop...

memories to last a lifetime.


Victor Voon said...

wow, conquering the highest mountains and diving the deepest seas.. you must try Mt Tahan! talk about memorable, the painful-sweet experience will be a memorable one, retrospectively..:) haha

Jason said...

it's always nice...retrospectively =p

was a good trip, but after all the suffering we went through, i think i much prefer diving haha! hear there are lots of wrecks in the UK!

stefie said...

*pat on the back*



Wens said...

wah you seem to be going up to the heights or diving down to the depths of the world eh! :) well done!