Friday, December 03, 2004

peculiar dreams

Sometime between 3.30 a.m. and 6.00 a.m. last night, I dreamt peculiar dreams.

It was something of an "Alfred Hitchcock slasher meets Stephen King horror" kind of dream.

Yup, I'm weird.

Memories are vague right now, but I remember a lot of blood and gore, with senseless mass killings in a building. Think it was a house. My house me thinks.

I remember that several cars were stolen, so I guess this must have been a robbery cum murder thingy. I think most of my family members were dead, except for maybe my dad, whom I remember was still with me before I woke up. There was also this creepy feeling that surfaced on and off throughout this dream...the feeling that "something" was lurking around, hence the Stephen King horror part.

I also remember that I was spared. The reason's a little cliché...

Just as the baddies were approaching me, one of them saw my tattooed arm and turned "best-friend" just like that, coupled with slaps on the back, bear hugs...ughh. Yeahh...I killed your family but now I see your tat and we're best of friends! =p It was with that that he let me off, with my dad who was still with me.

If dreams could be interpreted sensibly (not any new-age inanities pls), I would like to know.


fie said...


jv. said...

did u hear the one where I dreamt that Anderson killed someone? Though that may not be surprising to some ;)

lala said...

All these dreams about murders!

The one murdered by Anderson also dreamed recently that one of her YF class students got murdered. I think there's a link somewhere (stubborn refusal to believe that it's "just a stupid dream")! :)

Hey, stop spreading your disease okay :P hehe

jv. said...

*sigh* as i said the last time...the identity of Anderson's victim is never really known. The body was already halfway in the kitchen sink...remember?? ;)

and so the dreams continue...

fie said...

anderson killing people is not a dream. i repeat. NOT a dream!
i've dreamt missa and my best friend died.
it was quite disturbing.

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