Monday, November 29, 2004

b-z s a b

It is now 6.48 p.m. on a warm Monday evening. The day has just passed by in a flash. Now where did all that time go? And where did those spots on my face come from? Hmmm...

The last few weeks have been a killer. I've been constantly buried up to my neck with work and crazy deadlines. Well, not many people fully understand the nature of my work, but it suffices to say that sometimes it's not the quantity that really gets to you, but the surrounding work pressures i.e. the many parties involved, the massive coordination required, the millions at stake, along with the reputation of the firm, myself, etc.

I'm tired. I need a break.

But I'm also grateful.

Grateful for the enormous experience gained throughout this exercise, though painful. Grateful for the weekends, which help me maintain my sanity.

I'm grateful for the occasional friend who's willing to lend a listening ear. Grateful for...

Time check 8.54 p.m. I continue this post.

Grateful for the juicy garden salad and pesto chicken ciabatta that I've just devoured.


I'm grateful because through the storm...

YOU shone through.

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