Saturday, October 02, 2010

the death of blogging?

Hello world!!:)

I had started the year telling myself to make it a point to post something at least once a month this year, but needless to say, it has been a futile attempt on my part.

Blowing off the dust on my personal blogosphere, I have been wondering if the rise of social networks like Facebook and Twitter will one day render blogs a thing of the past. Certainly makes one wonder.

Well, to start, blogging certainly hasn't been something that I think about as often as I used to. Oftentime, it's just so much easier to pick up the phone and post what I'm thinking about on Facebook. It's quick, I get to say what is on my mind at that moment, and I don't have to crack my head to come up with a post that sounds 'interesting' enough to my readers. Heh.

Nevertheless, on the flip side of the coin, I realise that I do love writing. I do love just rambling on about my thoughts occasionally. And of course, I do love it when people post comments to share their thoughts about what I've just written.

I guess that keeps me going here:)

So keep checking back here for updates as I hope to kick-start this part of my life that's been kinda sidelined for awhile.

Life's been good. God's been good. And I hope you have been too;)


Nilam Kencana said...

Couldn't agree more. I started blogging only in 2009 but my passion on writting is somewhat lack in strength as compared to facebooking. So tell me how did u manage to stick on blogging since 2004? I need to find some motivations to evoke and sustain my writting mood.

Jason said...

Just keep writing what's on your mind:)

BR said...

hi there i just started blogging at i'm only 12 but i love to write about fashion. my blog is Fashion101 and it would mean a lot to me to have some followers. any tips/ thanks so much! :)

Anonymous said...

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