Sunday, August 24, 2008

that thing called LOVE

I'm learning that the adage that "those whom you love the most, stand to hurt you the most" rings pretty true.

After all, isn't it true that in loving others, most of us do expect to be loved back?

...that we quietly harbour hopes that our acts of generosity and kindness would be reciprocated by their recipients?

...that when we loosen our guard and reveal more of our hidden selves that we wish the ones so priviledged to be given our trust would perhaps do likewise?

Isn't it true that perhaps the deepest, most primal ache of our to love and to be loved back in return?

With these thoughts, I read the Bible's 'Love Chapter', 1 Corinthians 13 again tonight. And I was reminded once again, but at a much more personal level that... is not jealous does not seek its own does not take into account a wrong suffered bears all things believes all things endures all things never fails

Man, do we so easily stray from these ideals of what love should be, henceforth causing so much heartbreak to ourselves and those that we love! We heap all kinds of expectations on others just as they probably do towards us!

While I believe we should strive towards the love 'standards' of 1 Cor 13, in realising that we (including our loved ones who would inevitably disappoint us from time to time) will never fully attain these standards until Kingdom come, let us look onward to Christ Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of love; the One who selflessly loved us with an unfailing love that endured even the cross with its scorn and shame...

A love that will remain steadfast through the ages.



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aww.. sniff sniff.. touched.

Jon Wee said...

Ehehe love chapter?
Songs of Solomon has more than enough love in it. Wonder why is it in the Bible in the first place?