Sunday, March 16, 2008

a warm 'sawadee khrap' from Phuket

(think it means "near the Thai Airways office, and near the market")

I've probably said this so many times over the last 2 days that coupled together with my *ahem* exotic Thai looks, I think I could easily pass off as a local. Haha. Well, HT tells me that adopting a more nasal-sounding speech adds to my authenticity.

We've been here in Phuket for almost a day now and it's been a really relaxing holiday so far. After we checked into our accommodation at Phuket Backpackers, we raced to Promthep Cape to catch a most spectacular sunset. It's basically the southern-most tip of Phuket.

We then got our driver to take us to Patong Beach where we had some Thai food for dinner. Walked around Patong Beach a bit checking out the MANY shops lining the roadsides. Didn't buy anything though. Was contemplating a Thai massage but the places looked a tad dodgy. I don't think any of us were looking for 'boom boom'...just a simple good ol' Thai massage without the 'frills' =pWell, then it was back to the hostel to crash for the night.

We took things slow and easy this morning as well. Basically just ended up walking around Old Phuket Town, exploring a local market, having and extended brunch at a local coffee shop, and then chilling back at the hostel. Basically, all 'filler' activities before we head to Khao Lak and then to the Similan Islands later today.

A second lunch (and maybe a third!) looks to be on the cards after this =) Then, I think we'll probably just chill out at a coffee junction down the road while waiting for our driver to come.

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marie said...

exotic thai looks, hah thats funny :P (I think they are also quite soft spoken ahem hehe)

sounds exciting and much more to come huh?

Boy, I'm jealous!

Take lotsa pictures ya?!

Happy cruising :) Take care