Monday, March 05, 2007

stop this world

It’s pathetic.

To see plastered smiles on the faces of the hurting.
To live constantly watching our backs.
To think that we can hide sin beneath clothes of fig leaves.
To build walls around us to keep others out.
Only to find that we are trapped within.

Is there room for honesty?
Does genuine honesty exist?
How much honesty can we take from others?
How much honesty can others take from us?

I'll start by confessing.
I’m pathetic.
But I will try.

To carry your tears.
To watch your back.
To accept you despite your sin.
To break down your walls.
In order to reach the captive within.

And I hope you'll do the same.

This is dedicated to everyone who shares my disillusionment with the way we have reduced community living to an elaborate drama where we all play lead roles in a seemingly perfect world.


Rachel said...

thank you very much... it's very real; i am moved and convicted. Have a good week. also, i think u write very well...! :)

jv. said...

thanx. glad u were encouraged. u have a good week too! =)

Beebs said...

good post :) This is something thats been on my mind for the longest time...thx for putting this post